hello! and every little thing that matters.

Service is a conversation; it is not a monologue or a lecture. Service is about making an impact on another human being and it is about making their life better. Service has an impact on
your guests that will make a difference to your bottom line.
Service is the engine of sales and is an integral part of every single business interaction.

I wrote “Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters” for all business applications where there is a customer service component. In the book I share that the way people experience your business tacitly can have a huge impact on their interest in spending money and I shine a light on the way in which people are hardwired to become a regular of your business.

In the book I share insights such as my principle of “I notice = I care” that can help transform your team from generally good into generally great service ambassadors. I address language and the nuances of verbal, vocal, and nonverbal communication that sends powerful messages to your guests. And I share the importance of one little word: Hello.

“Hello!” is an essential handbook for owners, managers, and
their teams. It answers the bigger question of what service is
and why service is important and also offers tips and tricks
for making a positive impression on your guests and staff.

My goal is that “Hello!” helps you deliver a service experience that makes a difference to your guests and helps your business thrive.

“Hello!” is available for pre-order purchase at Amazon and at fine booksellers.



As a man of details, I found great value in every little bit of this insightful guide. Drawing on
her years of service in our profession, Kate demonstrates how the golden rule of restaurants is really the golden rule for everything. Even the smallest matters matter. That’s true in the kitchen and the dining room, but it also holds in the
world beyond.
— Thomas Keller, Chef - Proprietor

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