Journee TV: Leading With the Right Emotions

Whether you’re managing a kitchen or dining room, channeling your emotions in a productive manner is essential to getting the results you want from your team while earning their respect. It’s important that leaders are in touch with their emotions, especially in high-pressure environments like restaurants. In this video, Kate discusses how to express your emotions appropriately—without blowing a fuse or completely shutting down.

"Channel your outrage, channel that feeling that's inspiring it in the first place. Normally it is because of a standard that is not being met; and, again, as a leader you are the standard bearer." 

Typsy Video: How to Overcome Shyness

Shyness doesn't have to stop you from being your best professional self and providing guests with the perfect experience. In this video Kate explains how shy servers can find ways to be approachable and outgoing while remaining sincere.

“Overcoming shyness is a habit that you can build.”

Journee TV: Giving Feedback to Your Team

Giving feedback is at the heart of helping your team learn, grow, and improve. Yet so many mangers shy away from giving feedback because it is a skill they have never learned or mastered. In this video, Kate will talk about the barriers to engaging with your team and share methods for improving this important skill. 

"We think of feedback very often as being criticism: what's wrong. If we only focus on what's wrong it's crushing."

Typsy Video: How to Keep FOH and BOH on the Same Side

Front of house and back of house staff need to work together in order to provide great restaurant service. In this video, Kate talks through her own experiences and provides great tips on how you can create a cohesive and cooperative hospitality team. 

“In the most successful restaurants, the goal is unified; everyone is clear of the roles each party plays.”

Typsy Video: How to Cater to Families with Children

Giving great service to families with children is about recognizing what the parents might need to have a relaxing dining experience and then building a positive relationship. In this video Kate talks about her own experience and shares tips on how you can provide the best service for families in your restaurant. 

“If we can be that comfortable place for them to dine with their children, they’re going to come back.”

Journee TV: Stop Micromanaging! Alternatives for Effective Leadership

How many of you give one of your staff members a task only to get frustrated and then take it over yourself? This, my friends, is micromanaging and it is damaging your team's ability to improve their skill and excel in their roles. In this video, Kate teaches a practical and interactive class that will answer your questions and offer solutions you can use every day.

"Your team will only be able to learn and grow if you let them try new things, make mistakes and then recover. The mistake is not the ending point, the recovery is the ending point."