Discover and harness your leadership powers.

Whether you’re starting a new venture or managing the day-to-day challenges of a busy operation, individual coaching is an invaluable tool for realizing your full potential and gaining perspective.

Group workshops are an inspiring way to educate your team about new methods of leadership in a setting that promotes collaboration and trust.

Kate plays a major role in helping me to achieve my business goals, providing insights and recommendations based on her years of experience. I rely heavily on her seasoned perspective and restaurant intelligence to make the best decisions for my businesses.
— Carlos Suarez, Owner at Rosemary’s, Bobo & Claudette


We coach entrepreneurs, owners, upper-level managers and chefs using a method we call “Entrepreneurial Coaching.” This work focuses on increasing awareness of your strengths, presence and communication and offers alternative methods of management. The goal of this work is to promote confidence, clarity and productivity in your unique leadership role. These individual sessions can serve as a safe place to talk out big issues and target specific challenges and are always completely confidential. 


Managing requires a new set of skills and competency that often isn’t gained on the job. One-on-one coaching and mentoring will build the confidence of your managers, helping them to hit their goals, lead their teams with confidence and make smart and thoughtful decisions for the company.

3 Coaching Structures:

3 sessions: for those with a targeted goal who are ready to act.

5 sessions: for those who require some support as they develop new skills and learn new leadership methods. 

10 sessions: for those in larger roles seeking a sounding board and insight as they create and shape their leadership style and accomplish their goals. 

All sessions are one and a half hours in length and are always confidential.

leadership workshops

We build targeted workshops to teach and promote improved leadership for management teams of small businesses and larger organizations. The group environment promotes collaboration and open dialogue among team members which leads to deeper connection and support among colleagues.

Leadership & Management Workshops:

Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership Presence 

Building Your Leadership Brand 

Efficient, Focused and Strategic: Using Time to Your Advantage 

Giving Feedback to Your Team

Channeling Your Emotions at Work  

Stop Micromanaging! Alternatives for Effective Leadership 

Interviewing & Hiring 

Discipline and Termination