Breathe new life into your concept and team.

Even the most successful businesses will eventually
go through a period of crisis or change. We bring a combination of fresh perspective and tested experience to identify the source of your problems.

We’ll work with you to rediscover your mission and core values, bring renewed focus and energy to your staff, and refresh outdated methods while remaining true to your concept and brand.

With Kate’s expert guidance our private cooking class business has grown in leaps and bounds while simultaneously becoming easier to manage. It’s no coincidence Kate’s name rhymes with great because that’s exactly how we would describe working with her.
— Mark and Jenny Bello, Owners at Pizza a Casa Pizza School


An outside perspective can be invaluable in figuring out which aspects of your business are working and which need to be reinvented. We begin with a full assessment of your systems, space, materials, business and team to give you insight into what you're doing right and what needs immediate attention. We then offer recommendations for actionable improvement so that you can make lasting and timely change to your business model and methods. 

IMprovement & implemetation 

Based on our assessment, we can also create new systems and training materials in order to unify the service experience for your staff and guests. We will create new pathways and update existing standards while preserving the essential protocols that are doing their job and representing your brand to your guests. Then we will train your staff on the new methods while ingniting  a renewed sense of purpose and passion for their work.

Customer Service WORKSHOPS

Everyone benefits from education. We will teach you and your team the importance of customer service and call out their role in delivering a consistent experience. Our workshops are designed to improve and inspire the entire team's comprehension of service and customer experience as a whole. 


The Importance of Service 

The 3 Pillars of Great Service: Hello, Trust and Communication 

I Notice = I Care 

Creating a Culture of Great Customer Service 

Designing the Guest Experience 

The Blueprint of Service 

How Customer Service Impacts your Brand and Business