What to expect when working with us.

Service is at the heart of everything we do.
That’s why our approach is completely custom tailored to each client. We begin by defining your needs through focused conversation and collaboration. Then we work alongside you to create a plan that will be useful to you for years to come.

Kate’s professionalism was key in righting a ship that needed direction and thanks to her efforts Le Cirque is receiving the praise that it merits. Kate was simply the right thing at the right time and we will always recognize that.
— Marco Maccioni, CoOwner at Le Cirque


Every engagement begins with us listening to you. We create a positive, creative environment that encourages an honest, open dialogue and uninhibited exploration of ideas. We process your information, develop a deep understanding of your needs, and help you figure out where to go from there.


In a competitive marketplace, only the strongest concepts succeed. So we push you to dig deeper, move beyond your comfort zone, and build your ideas to last. We help you identify your blind spots and address them together. We work with you
to figure out how to provide a reliable, sustainable experience
for your staff and guests, as well as how to get the best financial return from your investments.


We roll up our sleeves and go to work with you, whether it’s figuring out your core purpose, developing relevant solutions that bring your concept to life, implementing systems, creating training materials, or guiding your team. We will be a presence in your business from start to finish, as well as in the materials we tailor to your specific, proprietary needs.


This is a challenging process. To provide much needed support and advice, we help you gain confidence and vision as a leader through the process of coaching. And we offer expertise and advice through mentoring to guide your decisions.


When your staff feels like they’re part of something great, they do their best work. When your customers feel the same, they spend more and come back often. We help you clarify your vision and then articulate it to your staff and customers in ways that make your experience more meaningful to them. We develop thorough internal systems that help you maintain high standards and represent your brand in ways that are palpable to your staff and guests.


Our work isn’t done until you feel satisfied. Through constant contact, customization, and refinement we make sure that every service we offer is providing you with exactly what you need –
and will continue to be valuable for a long time after.